Joy. Art. Inspiration. 

Surfshine Art started in 2014, during my stay in Playa Maderas, Nicaragua. I created my first postcard series to raise funds during the art-show fundraisers that we co-produced with local charities.

Since then, Surfshine Art became the platform where I share my passion. It's about doing what you love, and helping make the world be a better place through art, conscious actions and collaboration. The art has a playful style and depicts the magical inspiration of the moment,

wherever it might be. 




Throughout the years my love for the ocean has made me realized the impact each individual has on the environment.


I believe sustainability is important and that we can all make a difference by practicing mindfulness, reducing waste, giving back and supporting local businesses.

I strive to take steps in these directions whenever I can, such as selling the Surfshine Art folded cards without plastic packaging. If you have any suggestions for eco-friendly art supplies, feel free to send me a line!


Karine Gordon-Beaumier (aka KG)


Growing up on the south shore, I was always drawing. This led me to study 2D animation at the Cégep-du-Vieux-Montréal. Soon, I realized that illustration was my true passion.

Traveling and living around the world, I discovered surfing and a new world of inspiration opened up to me. My art is inspired by the surfing culture, the waves, the coast, the travel life, nature and all its inhabitants. 


From pen & ink, watercolour, digital to acrylic paint, I enjoy working with different mediums, surfaces and sizes. Creating brings me joy and I love learning new things.

Based in Ucluelet BC, you can find me at my home art studio, surfing, traveling, practicing yoga, meditating, having a bonfire at the beach, volunteering for the CARE network and Surfrider, eating sushi or dancing.


If you want to know more about the next art projects, you can follow my Facebook page and Instagram: @surfshineart




  •  Society of Visual Storytelling, Online Illustration School with Jake Parker, Will Terry and Lee White,

     April 2017- to present  

  • Member of the Pacific Rim Arts Society, since 2017

  • Member of the Island Illustrators Society, BC, 2014

  • Adobe Illustrator program, since 2013

  • Certified Photoshop CS6 Design & Imaging Specialist, Photo Art Studio, BC, 2013

  • Ink & wash workshop, with watercolour artist Allan Kirk, BC, 2012​

  • House Painter, interior and exterior, since 2011

  • 2D animation program, Cégep-Du-Vieux-Montréal, QC, 2002-2004, Courses included: perspective, creating characters, animation techniques, visual representation of culture through history, anatomy drawing & background composition   

Media Release/ Publication/ Exhibition:

  • Featured Artist for the "Women of the West Coast" Art Show, Black Rock Resort, Ucluelet 2017

  • Winning art for the Cultural Heritage Festival, Pacific Rim Arts Society, BC, 2015

  • Publication of the Wild Life cartoon series, Westerly News, Alberni Valley Times, BC, 2015

  • Featured artist interview, Westerly News, BC, January 2015

  • Winning T-shirt contest design, Marina West Adventure Centre, BC, 2015

  • Canada's West Coast Surf SHAC interview, BC, 2014

  • Winning Art, Cover page and interview, Wax art and poetry magazine, Alberta, 2014

  • Production of the 85 Degrees art-show fundraisers, Nicaragua, 2014

  • Beer label designs and poster art for Moon Under Water Brewery, BC, 2013-2014


Ireland. England. spain. Paris. hong Kong.

Bali. Australia. New-Zealand. Thailand. Nepal.

Sri Lanka. Canada. Cali. Hawaii. Mexico. 

Nicaragua. Costa Rica. Ecuador...

One of my biggest dreams has always been to travel the world. After a road trip across Canada at the age of 18, I decided to save up and buy a one-way ticket to Ireland with my best friend. By the age of 24, I had completed my first round-the-world trip, having lived and worked in many different locations and surf destinations.

After a stop in Quebec, I left for another two years of international adventures. ...Woofing, working  in restaurants, marketing, farm work, volunteering and other seasonal jobs would sustain my lifestyle.


As a backpacker, I had the freedom to learn to ride waves in Bali, get my open water diving certification in Australia, skydive in New-Zealand, trek the Himalayas and eat pad thai in Bangkok. I have met incredibly kind people and made amazing friendships along the way. 

During my travels, people were asking me to draw, paint and design things for them that make them happy. Their joy when the art was done encouraged me to start Surfshine Art later.

Whatever your passions are, no matter your circumstances and what resources you have now, your dreams can become your reality if you commit to it. Do your best, show up, and trust that life will provide what you need, when you need it. Thanks for reading my story!


You are awesome. Keep shining. Keep doing things you love xx

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