"KG World", Mixed Media, 2016

Surfshine Art is about the joy of creating and doing what you love. After years of travel adventures, surfing, sunshine, scribbling and colour splashes, I decided that it would be fun to capture and share some of it on a more regular basis. 


Collaboration projects, murals, surfboard art, prints, cards, drawings, paintings, ink and watercolors have since taken life. The idea is to create unique playful art that inspires others to live happily and in connection with nature! You can explore these pages to find out more. For my current and ongoing inspirations, you can find them on Facebook and on Instagram. 


I hope that the beachy quirkiness of Surfshine Art makes you smile, laugh, frown, think, dream, and inspire you to create whatever makes you happy. If you are interested in any products or services, please check out the store or don't hesitate to contact me,


Lots of love and waves!


- KG

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Surfshine Art offers personalized art products and services such as original paintings, murals, surfboard art, illustrations, custom design, prints and postcards. The style is playful, lighthearted and is inspired by the surfing lifestyle, the West Coast, travels and nature. The mission is to create art that brings joy and inspiration to people of all ages. Surfshine Art also promotes ocean awareness, and help communities and the environment through art, conscious actions and collaboration work.


 If you would like a price quote, please email info@surfshineart.com

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